An incomplete list of things I work on or have worked on in the past, in no particular order.

86Box (2016-)

Co-developer of a retro PC emulator. Diverse work:

  • C development and continuous integration work on the main codebase
  • C and Python development on ancillary projects
  • Hosted infrastructure administration
  • Website maintenance and retro-friendliness work
  • Writing for the blog and a one-off video script

WaybackProxy (2015-)

A proxy server for connecting retro and modern web browsers to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Featured in YouTube videos by The Science Elf and Tech Tangents.

AlphaRemote (2018)

Android app replicating the infrared remote control for Alpha and some BetaBrite LED signs from the early 2000s using a device’s IR blaster. Never released, as IR blasters are effectively extinct, and the app itself never worked reliably due to phones having tiny IR emitters compared to the original Alpha remote.

Final APK provided as-is in hope that it might be useful to someone somewhere. Requires Android 4.4 or newer on a device with an integrated IR blaster supported by the Consumer IR API (some LG phones don’t support this; the app was tested on my Xiaomi A1 at the time).

Wardriver (2014-2017)

Android app for scanning and geolocating Wi-Fi networks into a database, originally inspired by a Windows Mobile app called WiFiFoFum. Never released, as newer versions of Android introduced restrictions on background apps and continuous Wi-Fi scanning, and Pokémon Go also superseded this in keeping me busy while I was out and about.

It provided a database view, map view, statistics, and means of exporting the scanned networks to a KML for viewing on Google Earth or other formats for uploading to databases such as WiGLE. Prior to development ceasing, there were plans for a centralized server for multi-device operation, using a better DBMS than SQLite.

Minecraft mods (2011-2013)

Many released and unreleased mods for Minecraft: Java Edition. This archive contains binaries and readmes for most of them.

jgopherd (2011-2014)

A Gopher server written in Java, with support for external and Java-based scripts. An exercise in standalone Java development, as I was only developing Minecraft mods at the time.

Last update: Feb 05, 2024